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Love this book, the author's delivery of her message, sense of humor, and commitment to helping others through enlightenment. As a woman in recovery for 12 years, I would definitely recommend this book to people newly sober or with multiple years in recovery!

Once we make the decision to get sober and stay sober all the rules change. It can be a real struggle to keep your relationships in tact and stop hurting others even when your intentions are good. As a woman in recovery, you can get lost in a male dominant system and miss out on the true power of sober living and lasting relationships. Kathy H. is an international Yoga teacher who has taken her 20yrs of recovery experience and created shortcuts to long term sobriety. Being a Sober Goddess is not for everybody but it is absolutely possible with the right tools and the right guidance.

  • Discover the missing links to a deep and meaningful recovery.

  • Learn how to maintain healthy relationships without compromising your sobriety

  • See how recovery is different for women than it is for men (and learn how to use that to your advantage)

  • Demystify the spiritual aspects of recovery

  • Develop a solid foundation in sobriety that leads to success in all areas of your life

There is a point in every sober woman’s recovery when she looks around and asks “now what?” If this is you then it’s time to let go of the struggle, grab your copy of Soberly Ever After and find the guidance you’re looking for.

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